The Noble Peasant
Lois Bailey
About the Author:

Lois J Bailey


As an author of Children’s books,

I believe in writing wholesome fiction that is

entertaining as well as educational.


I emphasize the need for understanding and dignity

for children of all ages—and my stories focus on

 strong family Communication as well as

fulfilling personal expression.


Originally from Akron, Ohio, my husband and I currently reside

in Florida, with our Maltese, and two cats.



The Noble Peasant is a heartwarming fictional tale of Pater, an honest peasant, who discovers a vulnerable young girl clinging to life in the cold waters of the Zwin Canal. Overwhelmed by the shock of her ordeal, the little girl is unable to remember who she is.

As the story unfolds, a series of small clues finally reveal the true identity of Pater’s beloved little Rosalinda. Adventure and intrigue ensue as Pater and his two humble companions devise a plan to return their young friend safely to her home.

The plot thickens as the conspiracy is revealed, and the characters succeed in escaping imminent danger.

The Noble Peasant is historical fiction, based on the life of Judith of Flanders.


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