The Treasure of Israel
S.J. Munson
About the Author:

S.J. Munson has been a pastor, writer and teacher for the past two decades.  He received a B.A. in English from Princeton, along with a prize for fiction. The author of numerous Christian dramas, his call to fulltime ministry came while he was working as a screenwriter in Hollywood. He went on to receive an M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary, with a concentration in New Testament Greek.

“I love history and this story gave me an opportunity to weave history, faith and mystery into one story,” Munson said. “Anyone who is interested in fiction, art or ancient history will love this book.”

"There’s a lot of fiction or non-fiction out there that deals in some way with the temple treasure, the rebuilding of the temple, end-time prophecy and the State of Israel. I wanted to write a detective novel that challenges the reader both intellectually and emotionally to reexamine some dearly held assumptions in the light of history.

"The Romans looted the Jerusalem temple in AD 70, and I always wondered what became of those treasures. The Romans were such careful historians, whatever happened, there had to be a paper trail. As it turns out, the story is quite an epic. For five hundred years, the treasures survived fire, barbarian invasions and war, traveling from Jerusalem, to Rome, Carthage, Constantinople, and back to Jerusalem.  Then, oddly, in the mid-sixth century, the trail goes cold.  What happened after that is, of course, a source of much speculation, and that’s where fiction and imagination take over.  The protagonist in my book gets caught up in the search but ends up finding something infinitely more valuable."

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What ever happened to the treasures of the Jerusalem temple looted by the Romans in AD 70? Their fate is shrouded in mystery ...

Former art historian Michael Grammaticus, Jr. has inherited an ancient and dangerous secret-and it seems he is the last to know! When his parents are killed under suspicious circumstances, he travels to Rome to investigate, and the clues lead him to a fascinating world of ancient art, medieval manuscripts, and a dangerous mix of religion and international politics. Descended from an endless line of Greek scholars, he can't resist being drawn into their cryptic world, and soon the same relentless forces that destroyed his father begin to hound Michael as well. He discovers not only that his father had been an outspoken advocate for Palestinian Christians, but also that one of his ancestors was the bearer of a secret that continues to haunt his family-- a riddle regarding the whereabouts of the coveted treasure of King Herod's temple. This journey of discovery also becomes one of faith, as the cynical and disillusioned Michael undergoes a harrowing tribulation that leads him not only to the reasons for his father's death, but also to something far greater than the temple treasure itself. A delightful romp for lovers of fiction, art and ancient history-- and for anyone who ever wondered what really happened to that treasure!

Here's what people are saying about The Treasure of Israel...
"An incredible story that will keep you on the edge of your seat!" --Greg Holmes, Revival Nation Publishing
"...One part historical mystery, one part modern thriller, and altogether a great read...Christian fiction at its best."    --Long Island Council of Churches, "Prelude," September 2009

"For a huge puzzle, I found not a puzzle-piece out of place. As the treasure-search genre of books expands, this quality is important. It also is an obvious treasure piece never before dealt with. This one hangs together. Needless to say, I recommend it without reservation."   --Rev. Hank Keating, President, Keating Christian Ministries, Inc.

"Not since the early works of Morris West has a novel more accurately described the interplay of tensions between the religious world and Western society."  --Christian Newswire

"What the avid reader of historical novels always needs is a well-researched, well-written novel that gives us a sense of having walked with the author into an enchanted land of his making. This, happily, is what S. J. Munson's novel does. It is not an ordinary historical novel, but one of depth and learning and style."             --Ralph Stewart Smith, author


From Amazon.com customer reviews...
"Fast-paced, gripping and thoroughly enjoyable. Total escape to a world parallel to The DaVinci Code, deftly layered with humor, insight, history and adrenaline. Highly recommended."
"Powerful & Intelligent Literature - Couldn't put it down!"
"Had me on the edge of my seat, and the surprise ending was not only exciting but the perfect conclusion to a book that satisfied my every expectation from a good novel."
"The historical accuracy is astounding, the writing is superb, the idea is creative and original. He claims his space and has his own unique style and nails it. He uses flashbacks and an expressive narrative that builds the kind of tension that's needed to forge a "sit on the edge of your seat" suspense thriller!"
"One of those books that you sacrifice sleep for, just to get through 'one more chapter.'"
"The dialogue is smart and sassy and hilarious."


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