The Quest A Romance
About the Author:


The author is a former altar boy, a former usher, a former Eucharistic Minister, and a former Knight of Columbus. He was also a dishwasher, a waiter, a steelworker, an editor, and a prosecutor  He is in residence near Bethany Beach, DE.



A young priest’s romantic quest for discernment unfolds in this tale intriguing woven by author E. M. Whyte.  Intricately written, with a creative web of fiction and truths,  the novel is a profound read that’s sure to stir readers’ minds, hearts, and beliefs. Gail O’Grady


It took only a few weeks for Jason Adams, a newly minted priest, to fall into sin. 


  His occasion of sin - a gang-raped teenage-victim and her parents in galvanic distress and looking to him for solace. His church’s list of unstinting no-no’s regarding the child-rape victim are pitiless. His conscience guides him - Jason bends the rules.  The sinning begins.


His conscience again pre-empts his church’s unfeeling dogmas when he shares the anguish of souls living in pious wretchedness and souls living in unexamined certitude. 


Disobedience to church authority is anathema. Jason skirts this issue by regarding his straying as minor and venial.  He is convinced that his infringements are signposts guiding him on the way to a compassionate and joyful priesthood.


A mission for the archbishop takes Jason to Las Vegas. Yielding to the temptation of “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’ Jason decides to explore Sin City.  He begins to esteem and appreciate the wholesome delights of the female body..  


* * * *

Jason’ s sister, Abigail, a law student at Harvard (class of 1982), is a Women’s Libber.  “The Nineteenth Amendment giving women the right to vote is a gross insult to the women of America,” she declares.  


She disses the U.S. Supreme Court. During the Supreme Court’s 192-year history, the Justices, all male, have denied women true parity with men by ignoring the plain meaning of the Constitution. This bigoted interpretative stance infuriates Abigail.  She proposes that the Court’s mascot be Humpty Dumpty and for the Court’s slogan, “Keep Women Barefoot And Pregnant.”


* * * *

When Jason meets Lilith, his quest comes to its end.


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