The SnowRaven Chronicles: The Shafra-Copian
AJ Spencer
About the Author:
AJ Spencer - Author Of High Quality Sci-Fi / Fantasy Adventures That Are Fast Paced & Fun To Read
The SnowRaven Chronicles: The Shafra-Copian By AJ Spencer - The Lady SnowRaven Becomes Entangled In A Tempestuous Industrial Revolution That Promises To Liberate The Bleak Mountaintop Kingdom Of Arkel-nia From The Dominance Of The Vosharian - A Race Of Cunning And Cruel Bio-Luminescent Insects Who Have Drained The Kingdom’s Wealth For Centuries. Nightmarish Creatures Whose Taste For Human Flesh Has Decimated Countless Generations Of Arkel-nian Maidens - Human Sacrifices Given In Exchange For The Glowing Orbs That Only The Vosharian Can Create. A Vicious, Unending Cycle For The Orbs, Prized Above All For The Light And Warmth They Give. The Only Source Of Energy In The Whole Of The Desolate Snow Covered Mountains- Until Now… Novella: Science Fiction / Fantasy (Sword & Sorcery) Action Adventure
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