Warriors of Change: Sent(enced) to School
About the Author:

Tina is an early school leaver who used to be thrown out of class for laughing too much. She's an unschooler at heart and an ungraduate who made her own education in life, she thanks everyone she's ever met, they all taught her something. She landed on Earth in Karlskoga, Sweden, 1969 and has tried to adjust ever since. Tina's writing takes her off the beaten track and the best writing advice she ever got was, write what you want to find out more about. She lives in Dublin, Ireland with her non-traditional family.

This story is rewritten more times than Tina can remember, it’s her learning to write in English story and she’s immensely proud for not giving up, but she has given in to the fact that she does tell a story differently.  Tina loves dialogue, a lot, and she doesn’t pay attention to details as much as maybe she should, she likes the bigger picture, and for her deep hearted, radically honest conversations are it. 


Do you dare to follow your heart when school tells you to follow the rules?

When Milla is sent(enced) to six years in secondary school her unrecognised school-itis gets worse.

“It’s a real disease,” Milla insists who has survived early puberty and two uncompleted suicides due to being forced to become who she isn’t.

“No, I’m not bullied, sometimes it’s “just” school.”

But she can’t let her parents go to prison again. She meets Sky, a homeschooled, disabled boy who self medicates on laughter and Sunny, a girl of unusual origin who insists she’s Milla’s guardian angel. “You’re more powerful than you know,” she says and Milla listens as the animals whose powers she has always been fascinated by suddenly comes to life through her.

Together with her Irish twin brother, Torsten, the foursome take on school in a battle to regain ownership of their own lives.

In this often outlandish story, four teens already of age, fight against school as the only option to journey through the start of life, but violence, punishments and threats can change minds, will it change theirs?

Will Milla be allowed to become who she is or made to fall back into line and follow the mass schooling? 


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