Life With A Vampire
Kirsten Zeller
About the Author:

I live with a crazy family and a crazy dog, all of whom I love dearly.  My interests are wide-ranging, and I hope my writing can help me pay for my expanding number of hobbies.  I write what I like to write, in a number of genres, and with a good dose of humor in each.  Eventually, I would like to quit my boring job and write full-time. 


Athene Arrington’s new house is perfect, except for one little thing:  There’s a vampire living in the basement.  His name is Brandon, and he insists he still owns the place.  One heated argument and a death threat later, it’s decided that Athene can stay.  

In spite of Brandon’s constant teasing, his insistence that Athene is not as nice as she looks, and his peculiar diet, she's still attracted to him.  Torn between normal and Brandon, she has to decide what she really wants.  Should she settle into a regular life, or follow deeper feelings?  Will Brandon let her live, kill her, or turn her into a vampire?  Not even he knows.

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