What Women Are Made Of: A Thriller for Women
Ivee Olivares
About the Author:
Ivee Olivares trained as a visual artist, graduating from the London Institute’s Chelsea College of Art and Design. But it was after losing sleep over one too many mystery thrillers that she decided to give writing novels a try. As in her art, she usually gets her inspiration for her stories during long afternoon walks. Unfortunately, her ideas also have the knack of keeping her up and writing way into the night. For more information, visit: www.IveeOlivares.com
What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice, and everything nice. But...what are women made of "Come back with me," he said. He held her as though he believed she would save him. Cecilia didn't answer. She didn't realize that he was waiting, his life hanging on a thread. But she had heard a sound from across the street, a person's breathing. Somebody was out there. On the night of her big break, artist Cecilia Hunt, meets a wealthy, older man, Leonard Maxwell. An avid art collector, Maxwell takes special interest in her to the disapproval of his ex-lover, the beautiful actress, Annabel Richardson. The morning after Cecilia has dinner with him, Maxwell is found dead. Murdered. And Cecilia, the last person to see him alive, suddenly becomes prime suspect. Clues at the scene also point to her: a painting she sold to Maxwell that night and a missing check, which the detectives presume was paid out to her for the purchase. Believing to have been framed by the jealous Annabel, Cecilia is on the run. She enlists the help of older sister, Jemma, who is torn between loyalty to her and to her best friend, Annabel. Unfortunately, as Jemma attempts to clear the misunderstanding, she encounters a terrible accident. On her own, distressed and frightened, Cecilia struggles to survive on the streets and prove her innocence. She is misunderstood by her best friend, Lucy, and robbed of her artistic success. People aren’t what they appear to be; situations are not what they seem. Desperate, she fights back. As she unearths the truth, she finds that the key to the mystery lies in her painting. Soon things come to a head, and there are more casualties, including Cecilia who almost pays the ultimate price—her life. In this thriller for women, Ivee Olivares explores the not-so-sweet side of women that will keep you guessing until the very end. For more information, visit: www.IveeOlivares.com
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