Frugal Living 101: Tips on How to Save Money and Stretch a Dollar
Mike Wendland
About the Author:

                  Jeff and Aimee Wendland wrote this book after making some lifestyle changes that have helped them pay down tens of thousands of dollars in debt in a manner of a few short years. Both Jeff and Aimee work full time jobs, but they found that they had been on a slippery slope of gaining debt since college. Shortly after they were married, they knew something had to change.
                  After much research, they were able to get the most out of their paychecks. They became more organized with the way they shopped and more hands on when it came to home repair, car maintenance, and they even started making some of their own natural cleaning products.
                  As Jeff and Aimee realized how these simple lifestyle changes were helping them to get out of debt, they knew it was time to share some of the changes that they had made to help others to take control of their finances too. That was when they decided to write this book and to start their Frugal Living Blog. Stop by and follow them to stay up to date with more great frugal living tips at http://frugalliving101.com.


Does it ever feel like debt or bills are getting the better of you? If it does, then it’s time that for you to join the frugal living revolution.
Take control of your finances and your future. Using just a few of the tips in this book could save you enough money to make ends meet. Follow a few more of the tips and you just might find yourself saving enough money for paying down your debt, saving money for your children’s education, or putting aside enough money so that you will be able to retire comfortably.
In this book, you will learn how to:
•    Save money on personal expenses
•    Spend less on medical bills and prescription drugs
•    Give your pets the best food and care for less
•    Have a night out without spending a fortune
•    Save money on your home
•    Spend less and get more on groceries
•    Have a great wardrobe on a budget
•    How to make natural homemade cleaning products for a fraction of the price‚Ä®

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