The Navajo
Jonathan Wyler
About the Author:

The historical accuracy of the story will appeal to train buffs, history buffs, WWII buffs, and to anyone who enjoys a good road novel with interesting and real characters. The character's flaws make them interesting and appealing. Each scene makes the story move forward. There are no fluff scenes with overdescription which is a common fault with this type of story.

The author has had published two non-fiction works on transportation history and has written two screenplays, one of which was produced and shown at three film festivals, winning one award.


THE NAVAJO, an action/romance/spy/buddy story wrapped up into a road trip. The setting is 1940 as Air Corps Sgt. Jake Vasquez and Marine Cpl. Rusty Henson are thrown together on a cross-country train trip in less than perfect surroundings. Jake and Rusty initially irritate each other, but soon learn to work togther for common purposes. They encounter Molly, a youngish Indiana country girl running from something, and Gabrielle, a fashionable New York model on her way to break into Hollywood. But something is wrong; someone wants something they may have. Follow their story in the best Agatha Christie Orient Express style. Extensively researched for historical accuracy, it’s a great tale for train buffs, military WWII buffs and fans of boy-girl romantic interaction. Although our heroes are straight arrows, there is a somewhat intense accidental homoerotic scene. Come along for the ride. (BTW, The Navajo is the name of the train.)



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