Helen Wilson
About the Author:

Helen Wilson was born in 1959 to Irish and Scottish parents. Since taking degrees at the universities of Hull and Manchester, she has been a lecturer in Further Education, but only began to write seriously after attending a course at the Hen House in Lincolnshire, and completing an M.A. at Manchester Metropolitan University’s Writing School. Her work has recently been broadcast on local radio and has appeared in a variety of magazines and anthologies including Reactions 2, Muse 3, and Lancashire Life. She lives in the Ribble Valley with her husband and son.


Intense, tender, and fiercely-felt, the poems in Thoth confront the tensions between past and present. This is territory that Helen Wilson has made her own: a domestic world threaded through with history and myth.

Presided over by the ibis-headed Egyptian god of scribes, who records whether the dead are “ true of voice ”, these are poems which explore the magical properties of words, and the power of stories. Here a mother talks to her son, nuns, queens, crones and concubines speak to us across time; and women invariably have the last word.

Helen Wilson is a writer with compelling tales to tell.

Simon Armitage on “ Mother Love ”:

This is terrific stuff. The poem has a brilliant sense of certainty with the undepleted sureness of the female perspective, the alternative reading of what is otherwise a blood and guts boys’-own story. Excellent.

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