Queen of the Stars
Lorelei Orion
About the Author:

The first in The Royals of Adriel saga ...

It all begins within the colonized Cassiopeian Sector, within the marvels of the 23rd century, where planet Adriel's savage revolutionists abduct beautiful Princess Royal Sarra Shantay, the heiress apparent of King Ellis II.  Sarra, innocent yet highly spirited, is the rebellious captive of alias Raine Nicks, the handsome yet vengeful rebel leader who ultimately aims to end the Shantay worldly rule ... but his plot to ransom her for illicit weapons goes awry by dissidence within his own clan, sweeping her off with him in a breathtaking adventure between Kan and Myrrh, two of the Urania Star System's exotic planets.

Enchanted by each other, locked in a fierce war of wits, their forbidden passion is inevitable ... and exploring their erotic sexuality snares them in a ravishing struggle that could destroy them both.  For, against their wills, the sworn enemies are falling in love.  It's when his ransom scheme comes to his triumph that Sarra discovers the startling truth—he isn't a savage, he is a true hero with a just cause!

Now allies, joining his cause to free Adriel’s oppressed, she also becomes caught in the perilous rebellion, for only his mysterious identity can uncover the sinister corruption deep within the sovereignty.  The revolution erupts, sending her on the path of her destiny—the wondrous and tragic Throne.

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