The Private Banker
About the Author:

The Private Banker is a fast paced commercial fiction novel centred on Michael de Bruin, the owner of the Private Bank, Union Delta Bank. De Bruin is a charismatic, driven and globally known individual; he conducts business with sports stars, celebrities, political leaders and royalty, he is held in high regard as a successful, honest family man.

But he is not everything he appears to be.

UDB is growing fast, even in mainland China, it has a virtuous reputation after three generations of the de Bruin family have been carefully nurturing its growth.
Mistakenly two rogue bankers are hired into UDB, they bring corrupt, dangerous clients into the bank, clients from Myanmar and the former Soviet states who are making fortunes through underworld activities, illicit money, black money as it is known These vast amounts of ill-gotten, dirty, undeclared assets make their way into the ultra-clean and socially responsible UDB bank at the same time as the global economy is crashing and the geo political situation is erupting into conflict.

The black money is lost, the bank is finished and it starts to unravel in a nasty murderous manner, the underworld and others seek their revenge in original brutal ways.

The story is set in Europe and Asia among both a high net worth lifestyle and a darker low life world, bloody in places, sexual in others.

It is well researched and has a contemporary feel, in fact it could be happening right now.

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