English swear words and other ways to be completely misunderstood
Peter Freeman
About the Author:

Though I was born and raised on the island of Britain, and though my parents and all my ancestors as far back as I am aware, were born and raised on the island that invented the English language, English is my second language. It gives me the perspective of being both on the inside and on the outside of the world's most spoken language. In my native tongue,

These days I live in California, a Welshman married to an Apache, It's strange how the world turns and how, on this road of life we never know what lies around the next curve. Perhaps if we come to grips with the way we speak we may understand life a little better.

Or perhaps not.


The English language has an unusual style of expression. To insult or offend someone, sexual words are used. More than that, words with the same meaning are perfectly acceptable. Why is it acceptable to say "Posterior" but not "Ass"? This book explores the reasons and the history of English swearing and related obscenities.

Other chapters deal with such slips of the tongue as Spoonerisms; where you "Dish the washes" and Malapropisms; "He is a Civil Serpent"

With all the ways we have of misunderstanding each other, reading this short book may make you wonder how we manage to communicate. Perhaps we don't.

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