Johnnys Angel Light
Elizabeth Williams
About the Author:

Born in NYC and having travelled and lived around the world I have been influenced by the works of James Redfields' Insights about syncronies and how  the people we meet and the events in our lives can show us a new way of living.  I like others of our time realize that our thoughts are very powerful and fear dominates our reactions in most things on earth. By changing from Fear to Love we can achieve anything. I tried to use local events from newspapers and historical events to illustrate these ideas.  The writings of Pople John Paul 11 have not only inspired me but give us great hope in the future of mankind and for me confirm the belief that we are on the brink of a universal spiritual revival. 


 What are your intentions? Are your  thoughts based on Fear and leading you to a destructive life or a life of love and purpose? Take a journey through different ages from the Russian revolution to life with the Carthars,to present day life in the UK.  While  Marchell and Johnny search for "Their Place" they encounter and try to influence the lives of those on earth and help them to understand our destiny -is to create heaven on earth. Along the way throughout all time they show us where there is love there is always hope and that Fear which destroys lives can be overcome .Or thoughts are very powerful, change is just a thought away.

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