CIA Love Story in Crete
Roger Olivares
About the Author:

The book is not just a spy thriller nor just an ordinary love story.  The book shows the aspirations and fears of the young Greeks as they come out of the oppression of the Turkish domination, the German occupation, and now the NATO occupation.  It shows the aspirations of a people steeped in culture but downtrodden by the conquering empires of the past two thouand years. 

I lived in Crete for two years, enough time to know and observe their culture .. and feel their pride in their contributions to the world. The current struggle of Greece to stay a respected and economically viable  member of the EU is reflected in this story's characters to gain respect in the world community. 


"CIA Love Story in Crete" is interesting because it shows the plight of military/CIA families.. in the setting of one of the most beautiful and mysterious lands in the world, Crete. The book has 87 color photos of Crete embedded in the text... and so the reader sees the scenery of action as he reads the book. He gets an intimate knowledge and feel of the culture. The reader would love to visit Crete after reading the book.

It is both a spy thriller during the Kosovo War.  Michael, a veteran CIA agent, is sent to Crete to stop terrorists who want to thwart the  operations of NATO against the  ethic cleansing in Serbia. Emotions are high because the Greeks are against NATO for the Serbs are cousins because of religion and historical affinity.

It is a love story because, Joann, Michael's wife who is of Crete ancestry, comes along out sheer boredom for being left alone too ofetn, and also to trace her ancestry. They meet up with a young fiery nationalist and a beautiful Crertan woman who was also against NATO but abhorred terrorist acts.

Their paths collidied into a sacrilegeous holocaust in the pristine settings of Crete..



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