Creating a Cohesive Family
Daniel Hernandez, Sr.
About the Author:

Daniel Hernandez, Sr. LCSW is a licensed clinical social worker practicing in San Antonio, Texas. He has a Master of Social Work degree from the Worden School of Social Service at Our Lady of the Lake University, 1998 and a Bachelor’s degree in social studies from St. Mary’s University, 1988. He has over 20 years of human service experience serving people in various key capacities, such as civilian psychiatric hospitals, medical hospitals, non-profit urban and rural community clinics, and independent clinical social work practice.

Daniel has accumulated extensive experience serving people with uniquely challenging needs by making people first priority and he is highly dedicated to making a positive impact in people's lives. He currently works as a medical social worker for a South Texas hospital and works part-time at his independent clinical practice as a therapist. He has been married to his wife Terri Hernandez for 17 years.


Are you a part of the personal awareness development revolution currently happening worldwide? This highly unique course and exercise book, Creating a Cohesive Family, is a must-read for everyone now getting their personal and family affairs in order to prepare for the opportunities of the new age beginning in 2013.

What you’ll find within Creating a Cohesive Family is a very easy to use step-by-step guide that teaches and evokes ideas on how to:

  • Develop a deeper understanding and feeling of who you are and what you’re made.
  • Become emotionally independent to enhance your success.
  • Have objective clarity on the path your life is now heading.
  • Manage your life with structure and direction.
  • Discover the missing links that make today’s marriage and family compatible and cohesive.


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