Unveiling The Orisas
About the Author:
Camille U. Adams is a poet. She was born and raised in Trinidad and presently resides in New York. Camille holds a bachelor's degree in Creative Writing from Hunter College CUNY and is currently in the second year of an MFA Creative Writing programme.
Unveiling The Orisas is Camille U. Adams' first book of poetry. The poems within this collection teach readers about the Orisas: the role they play in the lives of their children, their purposes, their personalities, and that which they govern while also illustrating the relationship the poet herself has with these deities.
Sometimes reverent and sometimes railing, sometimes fearful and sometimes faith-filled, these poems provide an intimate look into one woman's spiritual journey.
To read this griot's poetic narrations about Home: Home - Guinea Land; Home - Africa; Home - Trinidad; Home - her Self; about family, about friends, about partnership, and about her guides is to unveil alongside her the positioning of the Orisas in all these aspects of her life...and to unveil subsequently their manifestations in one's own.


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