The SnowRaven Chronicles: Wine & Wizards
AJ Spencer
About the Author:
AJ Spencer - Author Of High Quality Sci-Fi / Fantasy Adventure That's Fast Paced & Fun To Read
The SnowRaven Chronicles: Wine & Wizards By AJ Spencer- The 3rd Installment In The SnowRaven Chronicles Series: It Is Adventure On The High Seas When The Lady SnowRaven Sets Sail To Reclaim The Fabled Banner Of The Doomed Expedition, Lost Long Ago…. But, She Is Soon Entangled In The War Of Ideology That Is Reshaping The Very Fabric of Her World…Between Those Creating Machines Of Industry, Fueled By Ethanol, And Those Clinging To The Old Ways Of “Magic” Holding Steadfast To The Glowing Nexil-Orbs And The Elite Classes That Create Them. The SnowRaven Guided By Fate… For An Ancient Prophesy Foretells The Coming Of A New Age - Heralded By A Mighty Queen To Sit Upon The Throne Of Nubodia…The Wealthiest Realm Of Them All. But One Inflicted With A Truly Monstrous Foe Of Both Nature and Man’s Creation. A Vile Creature That Shows The Most Terrifying Enemy… Is The Enemy Within… Novella: Science Fiction / Fantasy (Sword & Sorcery) Action Adventure
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