Shannon' Exploration, Daddy's Torment
About the Author:

For women, about women!  That is what I try to accomplish.

I am a new young author that goes to school at UT Knoxville where my stepdad and I have a permanent residence in the woods of south central Tennessee.  This is where I enjoy the rural woodland setting of the home I share with my dad.

I began delving into reading erotic stories several years ago and quickly became frustrated with the plethora of rude and violent stories with practically no plot and line after line of nothing but 4 letter words.  After much encouragement from friends and family I decided to write short stories with what I feel would be more true to life experiences. 

If you are tired of non-descript sex and want to read of a loving encounter with writing so good you can visualize the participants and what they are not only doing but what they are feeling then I hope you will find my writings enable you to do so.


Shannon's Exploration, Daddy's Torment is a compilation of emails between a daughter and her stepfather after she leaves home for school.  It delves into the relationship between her and him well before her leaving.  Both of them tell their story of seduction, pleasure and forbidden acts.

The format is that of the emails sent back and forth and gives the reader a unique view from both sides of this illicit affair.

You will read details about not only the sexual acts themselves and how they evolved but also the feelings of these two lovers as their affair grew and got more forbidden.

While  most erotic writings that are short are meant to be read long enough to excite someone you will find this novelette will keep you entertained for much longer.   However, you will want to read this several times as each time you read it the Love between the two becomes deeper.

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