Caesar's Guide For Innovators
Todd O'Brien
About the Author:
Todd O'Brien is a foot surgeon, inventor, entrepreneur and author. He currently holds four patents and has successfully commercialized several medical products through his company, O'Brien Medical, LLC. His writing credits include Caesar's Guide For Innovators, multiple peer-reviewed medical articles and a chapter in a forthcoming surgical textbook. He currently resides in Orono, Maine with his wife and two children.
Julius Caesar is one of the most fascinating and enduring figures from the ancient world. His remarkable military and political successes continue to awe and inspire across the centuries. How exactly did Caesar achieve his goals with such stunning efficency? Can inventors and entrepreneurs benefit from his example? Learn how, as the essence of Caesar’s success is distilled and applied to the enterprises of product development and entrepreneurship. Come along on campaign with Caesar as we delve into episodes taken from the sprawling epic of his life. Uncover the innovative strategies and key traits that allowed him time and again to succeed in the face of daunting challenges. Discover how to leverage these skills in the pursuit of your goals through present day vignettes taken from the author’s twenty year career as a medical inventor.
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