Sherm the Worm - Valère le Ver (Full Color Version)
Toni Annable
About the Author:

Hi! I'm Toni Annable, author, editor, nurse, educator, and a few other hats. Maria Kaspar and I started writing bilingual children's books for school language programs lots of years ago. We are really pleased to reissue these books in the ebook format as well as the new stories coming up. Currently, the ebooks are in English/French and English/Spanish. We hope to get some of them out in English/Arabic soon.

When I'm not writing, I spend my time editing other manuscripts and a plant tissue culture newsletter. I have a Master's Degree in Public Health and started out in nursing and health education. Later I taught in elementary schools and was teaching when I met Maria. She and her husband had come to the US to further their education. She was a French teacher writing children's short stories and poems - and we were off and running in bilingual children's books, French, English and Spanish. Over the years we have had lots of fun creating these stories and plan on many, many more.

We were most fortunate to get Lawrence Lumetta to illustrate the first 3 books. You can see these in the ebooks Sherm the Worm, The Four Seasons and The Silver Tree. He was a noted artist and had many fine works exhibited world wide. The detail he put into the illustrations makes them works of art on their own. Larry retired and is no longer available for additional illustrations. We have sorely missed him as we develop new works.


Full Color Version! 

Children will love this story about Sherm, the very lazy worm. He dreams about a home in a big red apple. But a crow, a bluejay and a boy have very different ideas. Poor Sherm! His ant friends are laughing so hard they are rolling on the ground.

Enhanced by the wonderful Lumetta illustrations in full color.

Bilingual French-English. For children ages 3 – 10 and up. Grownups will love this story, too!

Les enfants vont adorer ce conte qui relate les mésaventures de Valère, un ver très paresseux. Il rêve d’une vie facile à l’intérieur d’une grande pomme rouge. Cependant, un corbeau, un geai bleu et un petit garçon ne partagent pas son avis. Pauvre Valère ! Ses amies, les fourmis, sont éclatées de rire.

Ce conte est égayé de magnifiques illustrations en couleurs par Lumetta.

Ouvrage bilingue. Anglais-Français pour enfants âgés de 3 à 10 ans et plus. Les adultes adoreront aussi ce conte !

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