Melissa Brown Levine
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Melissa Brown Levine has published novels, contributed to magazines, and reviewed books for several years. Levine's primary writing focus is women's fiction. She explores the lives of women by creating dynamic characters that are open, vulnerable, and eager to grow.

Levine uses her extensive academic background in developing her own writing and when evaluating the work of other writers. She holds degrees in psychology, counseling, library science, and writing. Her diverse background enables her to review writing on a variety of subjects and to provide valuable insight about a book's integrity. Levine has reviewed all types of fiction from historic to literary to science fiction. She has also written reviews on a variety of non-fiction topics such as investing, business development, Christianity, spirituality, weight loss and eating disorders.

As a manuscript consultant, Levine brings a fresh eye to a writer's work. In her evaluation of a piece, Levine searches for strengths in character development, plot, and storytelling and uses what she learns to help writers transform their books into tightly written and critically edited pieces.

As an essayist, Levine writes personal accounts of her own life experiences; experiences that have the potential to educate other women. Her work reveals the pain she has endured in many of her relationships, the joys and frustrations of motherhood, and the growth she has experienced as a woman through struggle, hard work and faith.


An affair ends Hoil Mince's six-year marriage and produces a child. The resulting divorce leads Hoil to start a new, highly dysfunctional family with his mistress. The violence that defines Hoil's relationship with his second wife, Riana, stems from his family history and his obsession with his old life; it resurrects old haunts and serves as the root of his son's suffering. Ansar's response to his parents' battles becomes self-destructive and reaches a boiling point as he nears his nineteenth birthday. For some members of this volatile family, liberation from the pain of lost and unrequited love will come only in death.

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