The Folks at Fifty-Eight Old
Michael Patrick Clark
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Author of The Folks at Fifty-Eight, Michael Patrick Clark, was born on The Fourth of July 1950.

He spent the first few years of his life in an orphanage, before adoption brought a new home and a change of name.

Unhappy at home, Michael joined the armed forces as a boy apprentice. He trained in telecommunications, and subsequently transferred to a specialist mobile-communications unit.

Over the ensuing years he travelled the world; living and working in environments as exotic, hostile, and diverse as the Libyan Desert, Europe, the Australian outback, South-East Asia, and Central and South America.

In the late seventies Michael moved into the high-tech industry. He worked predominantly on international consultancy, for U.S. based communications and computer manufacturers, but after twenty-five years in the industry, made the life-changing decision to move to Spain, with his wife Pamela, and write novels.

Since then he has completed the first and last parts of The Etzel Trilogy, The Folks at Fifty-Eight being the first. He has also written Flying with Cuckoos, an amusing and heart-warming account of his tortuous journey from the orphanage to Special Forces: due for publication In July 2012.



The Folks at Fifty-Eight is the first part in The Etzel Trilogy, a saga of espionage and conspiracy that views the Cold War from three viewpoints, three periods, and three locations. 1946 Washington D.C., 1952 Moscow, and 1957 London.

The Folks at Fifty-Eight kicks off the trilogy with the view from a 1946 Washington D.C. It is a Faustian tale of espionage and conspiracy that uses the disarray of Western Intelligence, the theft of atomic secrets from Los Alamos, and the adoption of dormant German spy networks, by members of the New York based Council on Foreign Relations, as factual backcloth.

The fictitious thread is provided by Gerald Hammond, a washed-up former OSS agent, and his preoccupation with a stunning young German woman. He is the exception to the rule; an incorruptible spy, whose lofty principles have brought him nothing but mediocrity and obscurity. She is the murderous and provocative daughter of a former spymaster; a femme fatale to compromise the principled man.

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