The Caretaker and the Case of the Second Grave
Toni Annable
About the Author:

As a "public healthe"r I have always been interested in adult literacy. Reading is vitally important and helping people get to their highest potential is a goal. I have taken many courses in literacy education and admired the methods, but I found that most relied on graded children's books to assist adult students. So, I decided to write stories incorporating the graded readers' vocabulary with an adult theme. I love mysteries and chose my first story in that genre. The Caretaker is writen for the young adult and adult new reader, ESL/EFL students. There is very little fiction which is based on this principle and I am pleased to make this story one of them.

When I'm not writing,both adult literacy books and children's books, I spend my time editing other manuscripts and a plant tissue culture newsletter. I have a Master's Degree in Public Health and started out in nursing and health education. Later I taught in elementary schools.



Someone has been digging up the new graves in the cemetery. Caretaker Joe thought that grave robbing went out with the middle ages. So, who has been disturbing the sleep of the newly dead? Nothing to do but wait them out on a dark night among the gravestones. Just after the funeral of one of the town’s richest men, they strike again. Joe thinks he’s trapped them, but the surprise is on him. Super illustrations by Lauren Phillips really enhance the story.

What? No gore? No violence? No graphic sex? Can this story be any good?


This short mystery is written to encourage reading enjoyment especially for the young adult and the adult new reader. The story line is appropriate for ages 12 and up. It is extremely suitable for reading programs, adult education, ESL programs, libraries, prison libraries and special education programs. And really, for all of us who enjoy reading a scary tale.

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