One of the most important things you can do to successfully market your book is to create a nice image for the "cover" that will be displayed in the Amazon store.

We have found a few people to do cover image work with, but you are by no means limited to their services - you can get anyone you want to do a cover. We simply provide this as a convenience to our users.

How does it work?

  1. Select a designer to work with.
  2. Tell them what sort of cover design you'd like.
  3. Depending on your needs, they can provide you with a few designs to choose from.
  4. You can go back and forth with them to change elements of the design.
  5. You get a professional looking Kindle cover image!
  6. And you get the original image file so that you can make modifications yourself in the future.
  7. You pay an hourly rate for the work performed, depending on the designer you selected.

Get started!

Write us at with the designer or designers you'd like to work with, and your ideas about your cover, and we'll go from there.

A good way to get started is to think about the visual themes in your book, and how those might make for a good cover. You can likely keep costs down by providing your own image and letting the designer retouch it and add the title and other text.

Want to work with us?

Get in touch - we'll need 4 example images you've done, at 400x600 pixels.

Designers and Sample Work

Abigail W

Asourceofjoy-qd Asourceofjoy-zero-to-30-million Asourceofjoy-thrive Asourceofjoy-weatherhouse

Daria L

Golfers-elbow Web-of-lies Breaking-bread Angels-dare

Deana R

Artistic_sample Fiction_sample Nonfiction_sample Ya_sample

Euan M

History-of-mir Donegal Blink-of-an-eye Helios-2-inertia

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