Terms and Conditions

We are not lawyers, so we’ll try and keep this short, sweet, and legible for ordinary people.

What we do. We take your Open Office or Word file, and convert it to a good looking eBook for Amazon’s Kindle and other ebook platforms; and we will also convert to paperback formats if required. We make every effort to convert your document to the correct format and make it look as good as it can.

What we don’t do. After our initial conversion of your book, we’ll go back and forth with you to get it right, but once it has been published, it’s up to you to make changes yourself or you can ask us for a quote if you need help. We do not make any claim to ownership of your book: your book, and any and all royalties and earnings from it belong to you.

Computer support: We cannot diagnose problems on your computer: we will gladly offer advice and suggestions, but the operation of your own computer is your responsibility.

One book per payment. Once you’ve paid and uploaded your book, you can’t make changes in the Word document and then reupload – we may have already started our conversion work. If in doubt about anything, please ask us!

How long does it last? It’s a one-time fee with no expiration date, so you can log in and access your document(s) whenever you want.

Refunds. If you’re really unhappy, we’ll refund your money, 100%, within reason.