Meet a few of our happy customers and their books!

LiberWriter is the best! I had been trying to format my manuscript on my own for weeks with no success; one problem after another. I kept contacting Kindle Support and they finally recommended LiberWriter and I’m so glad they did. They were friendly, professional and accessible and my book was formatted and ready to be uploaded to Kindle in two days. If you’re like me and not the most proficient person when it comes to computers, then I’d recommend LiberWriter in a heartbeat.
– Jesse Mayfield
I first used LiberWriter for the Kindle version of a client’s ebook. I found it quick and easy and was very pleased with the results. They even rapidly fixed a hyperlink problem that would have taken me hours to troubleshoot. I recommend LiberWriter highly.
– Lana Castle
LiberWriter saved my life. I didn’t have the time nor the tech skill to format my Kindle book, but LiberWriter took care of my problem quickly, with politeness and professionalism, and took all my stress away. I highly recommend it for your formatting problems.
– Steve R. Lawrence
The service rendered was far more valuable to me than the nominal fee I paid. I recommend LiberWriter to anyone who wants to get their book on Kindle fast and inexpensively.
– Dave Trottier
LiberWriter is a super tool for getting a Word manuscript ready for publishing in Kindle. The support is phenomenal and the tool works vastly better than the nearly useless Build tool that Amazon/Kindle provides. LiberWriter can handle bulleted lists and tables and makes it very easy to insert images and links!
– Art Wells
I discovered Liberwriter in the nick of time. I was trying to publish my first e-book for Kindle, The Final Leg, and realized that my original plan, just making a PDF of my Word file, would leave too many glitches in the Kindle version. I contacted LiberWriter one afternoon after reading about them on the Amazon website. The owner talked me through the steps I would need to take. Their services were invaluable!
– Stephen Sands
Liberwriter is that rare company that actually does what it says it will do – with quick and expert support, attention to detail, and a friendly attitude thrown in! My book needed a lot of fixing due to my embedded endnotes in the MS Word text, but they did a superb job in short order. I recommend them highly if you are working on publishing a book on Kindle!
– Dan Possumato
It was such an easy process that I don’t have much to say. LiberWriter took my manuscript, formatted it correctly and eliminated 2,300 extra paragraph marks that would have taken me a day to delete. Its software – so simple a veteran journalist can use it – quickly ended my Table of Contents headaches. The product worked as promised and the quick service, clear directions and sound advice were great. My money was well spent and now I have a copy of my book that is easy to edit or change.
– Bill Steigerwald
When I talk my voice is barely heard, when I write my voice is heard around the world and over the years. Thanks to Liberwriter, I can spend my time writing instead of banging my head against the wall. And when it comes to epub files, formatting, and the like, I did enough banging my head for help. Now, when I have a problem I email Liberwriter — end of problem. I can honestly say I move from project to project. After all, a writer must write so he can be heard around the globe! I’m currently working on a short story called “Putin’s Shoot-down!”
– David Joseph
I was very pleased with LiberWriter. My book is complex — it has many photos, captions, footnotes and endnotes – but it was converted very promptly (about one working week, which is pretty much what I had expected), and all of my comments were addressed within a day. I really liked the interface, which allowed me to make my own edits whenever I wanted, while leaving the complicated stuff to the experts. Thanks to everyone at LiberWriter for your great work.
– James Gast
I’m glad I found LiberWriter to format my book for Amazon KDP. They created a mobi file for me, and now my book formats correctly on all devices, including iOS mobiles like iPhone. I wish I had heard about it sooner, before I tried to do it myself. LiberWriter is fast, and responsive to any questions or concerns I might have. The price is very reasonable. I especially like that I can go back and edit my document at their site at any time, and download a new mobi file, at no further costs. I have done so several time already. I can also download review files to send to reviewers. I can’t say enough about how much time and stress LiberWriter has saved me. I’ll definitely use it for my next book. Thanks you guys!
– Donna M. George
I was struggling to convert my book from Word to a Kindle format. I tried a free software option , but that only made things worse. A few companies wanted too much money for a conversion. Luckily, a link to Liberwriter was on the same search page. David and his crew took care of me from start to finish for an amazing price. I was running out of time and Liberwriter came to the rescue. I will never go anywhere else.
– Bob Lowry
I love your service! I’m kind of embarrassed how long it took me to throw in the towel and find you. I wish Amazon would just point people your way from the beginning. They make it sound so easy and most of what I had to do was pretty easy, BUT, when it came time to convert the MS Word file, their instructions were misleading at best. So, I’m tickled to have found you. I’ve already been singing your praises to two other fledgling authors. Keep up the great work!
– M. Bennett Crosby

I just wanted to say thanks for your service. Using your service to format my books, 56 Sanchez and Altza Moorin and the Green Gill Dragons for Kindle could not have been easier. If writing the books were not effort enough, I’ve spent months in rewrites and editing and now am fully focused on marketing the books.The last thing I had time to do was learn HTML coding for the Kindle TOC. Many thanks for creating a user interface that was so very easy.

– Rene Jax